Are vegans obsessed with veganism?

When a person becomes vegan, whether it be overnight or over a period of time, a new world opens up that you did not know existed in any dimension. It’s literally a loose connection that is suddenly connected and ignited like twisting an inactive lightbulb into it’s place only to have the entire room illuminated, allowing you to see things that you didn’t know were there before the light appeared. It’s probably like finally hitting your stride in mediation, from what I’ve read.

It’s fair to say that a “before and after” event such as this would be life-changing. Once the connection is truly made, a feeling of time lost appears, in which a thirst for more information occurs. It’s like learning how to live daily life again, in a kind of way. Especially if your life is centered around eating like mine was and is still. It is kind of a big deal!

You have to relearn what to have for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack. You can’t just grab the same ole, it has to be completely new because most products have a touch or more of animal products. You can’t just pull into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant or drive-thru or your previously favorite restaurant and feel confident that you will be able to eat more than a basic salad and raw carrots and celery as your main and only dishes (I’m talking to you B-Dubs).

So, others may view you as being obsessed, because you must eat, live, and be vegan as it consumes your daily life in every way. Especially if you are a passionate person. I wanted to be as agreeable as possible, and not offend anybody as I always have been, and how I thought I would continue being in my early stages of veganism. But the more I learn about veganism, the more I want to tell the world and share the knowledge and hope that others can make the connection as well. The problem is, many are like me and know that once you make it, there is no return, therefore they put it off as much as possible or completely. I get it. I did the same. But look at me now, an “obsessed” vegan.

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