Eating Meat (Unintentionally)

I have eaten a piece of meat unintentionally on two separate occasions.

The first time was one piece of chicken at a Chinese restaurant. I wasn’t paying attention and took a bite thinking it was my orange tofu dish, but they had given me my partner’s orange chicken instead and her the tofu. I didn’t notice until after swallowing. It didn’t affect me too much as we quickly switched after the first bite.

The second time was at another Chinese restaurant, but this time a more classy, and less Americanized version of a Chinese restaurant. I ordered a spicy tofu dish labeled as vegetarian. I even told the owner I was vegan, and she said her daughter was too, and we talked a lot about it and how she had a lot of vegan options on the menu. I started eating my spicy tofu, and ate maybe 1/4, or 1/3 of the dish and noticed some chewiness. I took a piece out of my mouth and realized that it was ground pork. (I should mention that I was two strong ginger margaritas in at this point). I alerted the waiter who then went confirm with the chef that it was in fact pork.  I began crying and couldn’t stop, and felt really awful. They said the chef didn’t speak English, and had made the tofu dish the way it is traditionally prepared in his country, which is with ground pork.

This was my favorite new restaurant at the time and I never went back UNTIL over a year later.

About a month ago is when I finally went back. I spoke to the owner about what happened and she apologized profusely. She said that none of the chefs that were there at the time were still there and she oversaw the preparation of everything I ordered to ensure my meal would be vegan, and she even made me a dessert dish herself.

Again, yes, it sucked to eat actual f’n meat. But, sometimes you have to forgive and forget, and remember, it’s NOT THAT SERIOUS!

Another year has passed

Wow, I am really terrible at this blogging thing. However, I finally feel I am ready to be vocal about my passions. Do I care less about what people think about me? Yes, every year that passes, I care less and less about other people’s judgments.

What has changed? I have learned to stop caring about being perfect, but in a different way than I first mentioned in my blog post almost 2 years ago titled “Perfectionism”.

For example, I said in the post that I would no longer have the veggie burger at a particular restaurant that has egg and milk in the bun and felt bad about eating it one time knowing that the bun wasn’t vegan. I’ve changed my mind. It’s not that serious! I would never eat an egg, and I will never drink milk or cheese, but the same burger I mentioned 2 years ago is in walking distance to my house, is quick and convenient, and I’m not in a f’n cult, vegan police are dumb, and I’m an adult. No one is going to make me feel bad about that.

If the burger place offered a vegan-friendly bun, would I get it? Absolutely, everytime. I did ask them about it, but two years later, they are still not going to change their bun, and my single protest won’t help. But, unfortunately, I can’t promote their delicious veggie burger to the vegan groups I am in because it’s not completely vegan (the patty is completely vegan). Too bad for them, because I could get them probably about 50 new customers. Next time I see the owner, I will ask again though and explain that I want to promote their burger, but in the meantime, I’m going to eat the burger as is with no mayo.


Besides that, during my journey, I’ve discovered a lot of hacks, have tried to inspire others, and have still not met my goal of eating a more whole foods plant based diet. But, I will continue to learn and try and progress. And this time… I really hope to write regularly, and not go a whole year between postings.